Glucose Concentrate

Konsentrat Kental Kunyit (Glukosa)

Orange to dark orange color viscous liquid with a slight sweet taste, and characteristic of Turmeric aroma and flavor. Starch , fiber, and resin fraction may be present at the top and bottom


Turmeric Juice, Glucose, Potassium Sorbate


500g & 1000g

Storage Condition

  • Microbial shelf life for original unopened container is 2 years from the date of manufacture, keep in cool and dry place at temperature below 25°C ± 2°C
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat
  • If container is opened, use immediately or store in refrigerator in well-closed original container, good for 3 weeks
  • Color may change at the end of shelf life

What is Glucose Consetrate ? 

Glucose Concentrate is made from fresh rhizoma juices with added glucose, no artificial colors and flavors and free from harmful materials.


Viscous liquid with sweet taste and characteristic of fresh rhizome aroma and flavor. Starch, fiber and resin fraction may be present at the top and bottom.