Sulam Ingredients



Not all herbal extracts are created the same. Each herbal extract is processed in accordance with its individual parameters based on its nature.


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    The Indonesian Council of Ulama declares that the products manufactured by CV. Sumber Alam are certified as HALAL according to the Islamic Law. Our ingredients, production process, and the implementation of Halal Assurance System (HAS 23000) are in accordance to the decree of Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Council of Ulama.
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    The Agency for Drug and Food Control, named BPOM, collects and tests all drug and food circulation throughout Indonesia. The purpose of supervising the control of drugs and food is to ensure that all products are safe for consumption and does not harm consumers. BPOM also ensures product control before and while circulating on the market as a precautionary measure to ensure that drugs and food in circulation meet the minimum standards and requirements for safety, benefits, and product quality as well as law enforcement measures.
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    ISO 22000: 2018 is the food safety standard for businesses in the global food chain. This certification provides requirements for a food safety management system and specifies what requirements an organization must meet in order to control food safety hazards. Industries using ISO 22000 can obtain certification according to standards.
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